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About VW Coilovers

When you venture into a European-themed automotive meet, you hear the words "clean," "slammed," and "unique" over and over again. Volkswagen enthusiasts are known for their over-the-top custom automobiles, and they always start by dropping their cars on aftermarket VW coilovers. Coilover systems feature a spring placed on top of a cylinder, which allows the user to raise or lower the vehicle. Aftermarket companies, such as Rokkor and Solo Works, provide customizable coilovers, offering damper and height adjustments. Coilover systems are specific to each Volkswagen model or series. Give your first-generation Volkswagen a more aggressive, modern appeal by installing VW Mk1 coilovers, or install VW Mk4 coilovers on a 1997 to 2006 Golf and take it to the track. Whatever your preference, VW coilovers are available on eBay from reliable sellers offering large inventories of new and used parts as well as convenient shipping options. Get the most out of your buying experience and your car.