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About VW Badge

Whether you are a Bug, Rabbit, or Jetta owner, chances are you love your VW vehicle for its timeless appeal and smooth ride. Show off your Volkswagen pride with a VW badge, and update the look of the front and back of your car with a grill badge, trunk badge, or matching pair. Replace the existing badges that came factory installed on your vehicle with a set that matches the classic silver logo your car came with. Or show off your personal style by adding a fun different badge, such as a colored one, tricked out with bling. You can also get badges that do not incorporate the VW logo, but instead feature your car's symbol, such as a Rabbit badge. Maybe you would rather show off the vehicle's German design heritage with a German flag emblem. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the perfect VW badge to mark your vehicle with your own personal flair through the vast inventory available on eBay.

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