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About VW Antenna

Antennas tend to put up with a lot: high winds, car wash sessions, and all the everyday hazards associated with your commute. Fortunately, replacing a VW antenna is one of the easiest repairs you can do yourself. The vast inventory on eBay makes it possible. Look for a new antenna that is a direct fit for your vehicle, meaning that no modifications are needed to install it. Some feature amplification to ensure that you get the cleanest, clearest AM or FM signals possible. For a unique touch, look for a VW Golf antenna in a shark-fin style that mounts effortlessly to the roof. An 8-inch cable with a reception plug is included. Many stubby VW Jetta antennas, 6 to 9 inches in length, offer the same reception you get with a factory antenna, but with a much sleeker, more compact style. Of course, you can always find traditional 16-inch antenna masts. Regardless of the length, most are simple to replace with a simple screw-in mechanism. Choose the style of VW antenna that suits you, and enjoy knowing that you are already halfway there to reliable, crystal-clear radio reception.

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