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About VVS Diamond

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl?s best friend, but if you have less of a budget for them, consider VVS diamonds. These gems have slight imperfections in their clarity that are sometimes impossible to see even under 10X magnification, giving them a rating of VVS diamonds, meaning very, very, slightly imperfect diamonds. In general, they have a high clarity level, however there are slight inclusions or cavities inside that necessitate the lower grading. When purchasing a large carat stone, it makes a significant price reduction for a diamond that looks flawless to anyone but an expert with a magnifying class. A VVS diamond ring or pendant is likely to cost as much as several thousands of dollars less than a flawless one, and it looks just as beautiful. With VVS diamonds, you have much more bling for the buck, and only you and a diamond expert with a scope know for sure. Whether seeking loose stones, or diamonds in settings, shop the eBay "diamond mine" with magnificent new and pre-loved jewels sold by reliable sellers.

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