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About VTX Fenders

Gravel, rocks, and debris: you name it and your Honda VTX has been through it all. Your VTX fender, whether front or back, is what experiences the damage first. They are built to withstand the elements, but sometimes too many elements lead to damaged goods. The Honda VTX was introduced in 2001 as an addition to their line of V-twin motorcycles. These bikes were powerful, offering a 1300 cc and 1800 cc variant. With capable speeds of up to 125 mph, the VTX was made specifically for comfortable riding. Unfortunately, fenders get beat up, can break down, suffer from age and eventually fail, so when looking to replace one be sure you choose the correct size for your bike. A Honda VTX 1300 front fender is designed with a smoother, sleeker look. The Honda VTX 1800 front fender is more aggressive, and flows well with the powerful motorcycle. All fenders are available on eBay. eBay hosts a variety of reliable sellers that offer large inventories of new and used VTX fender pieces for your cruiser.

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