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About Vtec

Honda consistently ranks highly in expert reviews, and the company receives high praise for its superior performing cars, but you may not know that VTEC drives Honda's quest for optimal car quality. Honda integrates this technology to produce class-leading power that includes fuel efficiency above model class standards. Driving a car that possesses a VTEC engine allows you to benefit from incredible boosts in power, while not sacrificing fuel consumption as a result. The VTEC controller automatically times valve releases to ensure optimal movement of the valves with fuel intake, since too much interaction with oxygen dilutes the potency of gasoline. VTEC prevents this dilution with precise valve movements. Also referred to as i-VTEC, this type of technology regulates the opening and closing of intake valves to correspond with appropriate Honda vehicle speeds. In the same vein, Honda also introduced a 1.3-liter engine that provides car owners with a fuel regulation system that adapts on the fly by implementing intelligent computer-based decisions, making the company a forward-thinking entity that keeps its consumers’ needs at heart. Availble refurbished on eBay, reliable sellers are able to give you the parts and accessories to bring you back to the strip wihtout further delay.