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About Vostok Komandirskie Watches

Vostok has been making watches in Russia since 1942, when the company no longer had to use its factory space for military manufacturing. The timepieces, particularly Vostok Komandirskie watches, are often used by pilots, members of the military, or those with a fondness for unusual time-keepers. The Komandirskie, or "Commander's," watch is a rugged military timepiece that made its first appearance in the Vostok lineup in 1965. New versions of the Komandirskie are less rugged and a bit dressier, mainly because they are more of a fashion item for daily wear and are no longer commissioned by the Russian military. They feature black leather straps, illuminated hands and numbers, day and date calendars, and stainless steel casing for durability. The faces come in a variety of colors, including teal, yellow, and black. For a truly maintenance-free experience, an automatic watch is an excellent choice. This means that the watch is self-winding via your own movements and actions. Vostok Komandirskie watches are available both in traditional manual versions or in self-winding versions. With the huge array of watches available from the reliable sellers on eBay, they are no longer something that only collectors know about. Gain an appreciation for Vostok's watch selection and put yours to good use every day.