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About Volvo Turbo

The turbo is to an automobile what the appendix is to the human body: part of the whole operating system, but not essential for routine function. Although it will not cause immediate death to your car, when your Volvo turbo goes, it will make your rides, whether commuting to work or cruising through the countryside, a little less fun. The turbo adds a little kick, making your car accelerate a little faster and giving the engine a little more power. As with other car parts and accessories, you can find a new or used Volvo turbo on eBay to get your car back to its normal sporty self. Here you can look for parts made by Volvo, designed for specific models. You can buy a used Volvo 740 turbo, for instance, to stretch your dollar for future repairs that your aging car will need. Alternatively, you may want to get a new Volvo V70 turbo to replace the one on your newer car.