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About Voltron

Voltron, defender of the universe, is the cry echoing through the house as your husband and his friends enjoy an old-school Saturday cartoon marathon. They were all boys in the 1980s when the popular animated television series featuring space explorers and a giant robot called Voltron was on each weekend. The full-grown men have not outgrown their love for the show, even though they are all fathers themselves. You smile as you leave them to their fun, understanding that even though robots are not your thing, you can still add to their fun. The next time they have a cartoon-watching spree, treat them to a few Voltron die-cast toys you found on eBay. You can surprise each guest with his very own Lionbot that comes with red, blue, green, and yellow-colored lions. The toys are available in used condition and ready for play. With your new knowledge of Voltron toys, you know you can always find more if any of the guys lose their toys to their sons.