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About Volk TE37

The roar of racecars and screech of tires fill the air as factory race teams by Honda, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota round the track during events such as the Japanese Touring Car Championship. Rays Engineering provides its top of the line Volk wheels to racing teams, but even your daily driver can sport a set of Volk TE37 wheels. Volk Racing is known for its high strength racing wheels, either forged or cast from aluminum or magnesium alloys. Light enough for racing and strong enough for freeway driving, Volk TE37 wheels are available in a variety of sizes, ready to install on your car. Manufactured in bronze, white, or special order colors, the Volk TE37 18 replaces the standard 18-inch rims found on many modified vehicles. When searching for new or good-condition used racing wheels among the myriad of listings provided by the reliable sellers on eBay, refine your search with keywords, such as white Volk TE37 wheels, the size, or the make and model of your car. When your new Volk wheels arrive, take them to your trusty mechanic to install them on your car, thus ensuring that they remain sparklingly pristine, that is, until the next time you hit the road.