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About VoIP

Tired of paying for a landline, but need an option other than your cell phone? Then you should look into VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, which allows you to tap your phone into your Internet?s data connection to make and receive calls. Making the transition from telephones to VoIP phones can cause an initial expense, but by purchasing a new or used phone lot on eBay, you can bundle and save. There is no reason to limit yourself to wired phones though: You can also select from wireless and cordless phones so that you are not tied down to a desk. If your existing phone is not VoIP ready and you are not looking for a replacement, connect it to your router via an ATA and voila?problem solved. When looking for phones and routers, consider going with Linksys or Cisco, both trusted names in the industry. Are you ready to cut out the high cost of long-distance phone calls? Then it?s high time you invested in a VoIP phone system for your home or office.