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About Vizio Tablet

Since the current tablet market is saturated with iPads and Samsung devices, the poor Vizio tablet is wrongly overlooked. The 8" tablet can give its competitors a run for their money with its high resolution 1024x768 touch screen and HD video playback. You can even hook up an HDMI cord and view videos and photographs on a HD TV. You don?t have to worry about not being able to hear the audio on the Vizio tablet, because there are three speakers placed around the device for optimal audio output. You can browse the latest apps on the Android marketplace, download one easily, and challenge your friends to a game of Words with Friends. Since your tablet gets so much use, you should take care to protect it. You can find so many different cases available on eBay that you can let your personality shine through. Choose a demure black leather case for work, and then get a fun animal print case for vacation. Speaking of vacations, you?ll be glad you brought your tablet because you can find the best restaurant in the area using its Wi-Fi capabilities. Now that sounds like the perfect use for a tablet if I?ve ever heard one.