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About Vizio 47-inch TV

If you?re replacing your old TV with a new or used model from eBay, treat yourself and your family to a Vizio 47" TV. There are five types of Vizio 47" TVs, each with different features, so you can pick the one that?s exactly right for you. First, you?ll have to decide if you want to watch your movies in 2D or 3D. Imagine the look on your kids? faces when all their favorite heroes pop out of their TV at home, just like at the movie theater! Both Vizio 47" 3D TVs include a set of four 3D glasses. They also come with built-in wi-fi, which makes it a snap to hook into your Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions, as well as your Vudu and YouTube accounts. They also feature remotes with full keyboards, so you can search for your favorite movies and video clips with ease. If you don?t watch many movies at home and prefer your TVs to display just two dimensions, you still have two options for TVs with wi-fi; and if you just want to watch TV and movies, you can go with the basic Vizio 47" TV without smart technology. Whichever TV you pick, your family will love you for upgrading to a bigger, better screen.