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About Vivienne Westwood

Dressing like a punky princess became even more fun thanks to the work of designer Vivienne Westwood, who creates wearable art for women. Some of her most famous designs took their influence from the early punk music movement, and she continues to make eye-catching fashions, shoes, and bags for women of all walks of life. You can try slipping into a new look with a pair of bow-adorned plastic Vivienne Westwood shoes, or you can search for a much-coveted Vivienne Westwood bag with her signature tiara logo. For "Sex and the City" fans, Westwood’s designs are synonymous with the style of Carrie Bradshaw, as she created the iconic wedding dress for Carrie's wedding to Mr. Big in the film version of the beloved series. As a legendary designer who goes big in everything she does, Westwood is an enigmatic figure known for taking risks in her designs, while staying away from anything bland or boring. It is easy to liven up your look with a few pieces from her past collections, which are available from reliable sellers on eBay. While you may not exactly land a Mr. Big, you are sure to feel beautiful, confident, and chic in any of Vivienne Westwood’s classic creations.