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About Visual Kei

Japanese culture is famous in the West for its gregarious disavowal of traditional boundaries and its relentless push for new means of expression. The visual kei movement is a great example of this tradition. It is known as the visual system, and it features flamboyant costuming, heavy use of makeup, and other traditional visual tactics. Most of the aesthetics employed by visual kei artists are androgynous. Many visual kei groups fall within the category of punk rock and heavy metal, although electronic and pop genres are represented as well. Visual kei dresses are often black and very modern, with unique geometrical patterns and an emphasis on the juxtaposition of long and short elements. Visual kei skirts can come in all sorts of colors. Wearers of visual kei merchandise are often easily recognized by their distinctive hair styles and dark eye shadow. You can find many interesting and beautiful visual kei clothing items on sale from the vast inventory on eBay. Visual kei continues to grow and adapt, as any culture should, as the music and the fashion evolve.