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About Vise Grips

Sometimes you need the tightest grip you can possibly get. Since you can't hold things long enough by hand, using a vise grip is the solution. A variety of styles and sizes are available, from popular name brand options, such as the Irwin vise grip or the Vise Grip USA brand. Also known as locking pliers or a mole grip, these devices allow you to lock them in place, holding virtually anything in their mouth. This is done using an over-center action. Whether you are gluing two pieces of wood together or holding a screw in place, vise grips come in handy any time, especially when they allow for customized configurations. Whether you are welding or working with automotive technology, you can find the right grips from the reliable sellers on eBay. It's easy to find exactly what you need, from small sizes to very large. Or pick up an entire set so you'll always have what you need on hand. Grab ahold of the vise grip you want, and you'll be ready for any job that comes your way.