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About Virginia Metalcrafters

Established in 1890 in Waynesboro, Virginia, the name Virginia Metalcrafters is synonymous with American craftsmanship and the thousands year old practice of sand-casting. Stoves were the first items to be mass produced by this company out of cast iron. By 1938, the company moved onto brass and other non-ferrous metals to produce durable, useful, and attractive household goods. Soon, they were producing a line of reproduction gift items for sale in Colonial Williamsburg. These cast and poured goods remind of the days when nearly everything in the household was a durable metal or wood item. While the company went out of business in 2005, you can still find a variety of their products through the vast inventory on eBay. Look out for cast tobacco leaf dishes, ornate wall plate switches, and even American Eagle bookends for your shelves. Made from quality metals for over 100 years, these products still have use and application in the home. Find a small piece of American history in these cast iron and bronze goods from Virginia Metalcrafters.

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