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About Vinylmation Star Wars

Collectors and enthusiasts of both Disney and the Star Wars series can rejoice: Vinylmation Star Wars figures are available to line your shelves. New and previously owned Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and many other figures are waiting to join your collection. These miniature dolls made of durable vinyl all boast the trademark Mickey Mouse ears, but the rest of them is pure iconic Star Wars character. The ears are painted to match the rest of the figure in theme and style. A popular item amongst Disney fans for trading and swapping, Vinylmation characters are sold in tightly sealed packages, but the wrapping is opaque, so it's impossible to know which of the 24 Star Wars characters and figures you have until the package is open. Keep this in mind while scouring eBay to Vinylmation Star Wars case ? a mint-in-package Vinylmation Star Wars set is a mystery, but worth it for the serious connoisseur. May the Force be with you.