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About Vinylmation 9

You have just gotten home from your vacation to the Most Magical Place on Earth and are lugging a duffel bag that is much heavier now than it was when you left for your trip. Inside are the newest additions to your Vinylmation 9-inch statue collection. You line up each adorable little character along your shelves, admiring how the unique artwork for each character fits on the iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette, but you are not totally satisfied with the resulting grouping. There are still gaps in your collection, and you do not have another vacation planned until next year. Some of the pieces you want are not even sold in the parks any longer. Whether it is the last princess to finish the assortment, or an elusive Vinylmation villains 9-inch collectible to complete the story, you do not have to be without the pieces you desire for your collection. The sellers on eBay provide you with an ultimate Vinylmation 9-inch collectible resource, offering convenient shipping options and tremendous variety that ensures your collection will not be lacking for long. Feel the excitement when you find that coveted Vinylmation holiday 9-inch limited edition statue, or discover a piece you never knew existed. Get shopping and have fun extending the magic.