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About Vinylmation

If Disney fills you with delight but you want a display piece with more personal significance than a typical Mickey Mouse figurine, veer on over to Vinylmation. Put out by Disney and originally produced for Disney theme parks, Vinylmation figures all share Mickey Mouse's ears and basic body shape. However, not every character portrayed in the Vinylmation form is a mouse. Popular examples include famous figures from "Star Wars" and "Toy Story," along with a variety of different animals portrayed in Disney films. Most Vinylmation figures share these standard Mickey Mouse characteristics, even if the subject matter does not. The end result is a colorful, jaunty piece that works delightfully well, despite this unusual juxtaposition of subject and form. For example, for an animal without mouse ears, the ears on the form are transformed into background features that jive with the creature's backstory. There is a large inventory of Vinylmation and the necessary accessories on eBay, including Vinylmation cases, robot Vinylmation, and "Star Wars" Vinylmation. Showcase your sense of whimsy and your favorite Disney character at the same time with your new piece of Vinylmation.