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About Vinyl Dolls

Every little girl loves vinyl dolls. She can play dress up one and treat it like her own little baby. Throughout the years, baby dolls have gone from a child?s toy to a collector?s item. Today, both mother and daughter can collect their own. Mothers can appreciate the vintage vinyl doll makers like Ashton Drake. Makers handcraft these dolls to look lifelike and as adorable as a real life baby. Mothers can also create their own dolls by getting a vinyl doll kit from eBay. This kit includes vinyl appendages and a head. You can create the doll to look anyway you?d wish. Some kits even include a wrap-around torso plate to give your doll a solid body. For little girls, you can create her very own special doll with one of the kits, or you can get a doll that looks like her. The possibilities are endless when it comes to vinyl baby dolls. Sharing your love for vinyl dolls with your daughter is an excellent chance for bonding.