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Did you know that the word "vinyl" comes from "vinum," the Latin word for wine? One of the key components of vinyl is ethylene, and ethyl alcohol is the kind of alcohol most often found in wine. The most versatile plastic, vinyl is used for everything from PVC pipes to clothing and, of course, vinyl sheeting that you can shape with a vinyl cutter. So raise a glass to vinyl as you peruse the vast inventory of vinyl cutters on eBay.

About Vinyl Cutters

Vinyl cutters create customized decals and letters for a non-permanent decorating solution. Vinyl cutters utilize software suites that contain preset designs and fonts for high-quality and fully customizable prints. Vinyl decal cutters are also called plotters and create large 24-inch to 48-inch and larger prints. These machines include all of the equipment that you need for large vinyl prints including a floor stand, multiple cutting blades, plotting pen, basket, and cables. All you need to add is the vinyl. Vinyl letter cutters easily create signs and logos with a large assortment of fonts available from specialty software, such as the SignGo software. SignGo offers users a great starter product with many fonts and effects available including shading, outlining, and coloring effects, among many others. There are many software types available, so you want to find software that is compatible with your machine and offers you the choice of fonts that you desire. With the large inventory of vinyl cutters and software available on eBay, you can make professional-quality designs and lettering for your business, home, or other organization as often as you need.

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