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About Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage wedding rings are as popular today as they were when the styles were bold and new. Start your search for these antique styles by browsing and bookmarking your favorites among the wide selection available from reliable eBay sellers. From the classic simplicity of the baguette-cut vintage diamond wedding ring worn by Audrey Hepburn to Gwen Stefani?s choice of band, there is a style in vintage wedding rings for you. Consider a vintage platinum wedding ring with side diamonds that feature a halo setting and the fine details of milgraining. The micro-pave diamond look featured in many antique designs is another popular choice. Celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and Scarlett Johansson also made the classic vintage choice in engagement and wedding sets. What was once old is new again, and it can proudly grace your ring finger, too. Don?t forget to "accidentally" leave those bookmarked pages open for your significant other to stumble upon.