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About Vintage Turquoise

Turquoise symbolizes wealth and good fortune in Native American cultures and other cultures throughout the world. Vintage turquoise has the highest quality since most of the best mines have been depleted. Turquoise is a blue or green mineral that is often found with copper. The rock that turquoise is formed in is called matrix. When stones are cut, some of the matrix often stays attached to the turquoise. Matrix color varies because turquoise can form in different types of rock. Gray or brown veining, or spiderweb patterns due to thin lines of matrix throughout the turquoise, increases the price. Varieties of turquoise that are bluer are more expensive than green stones. Sometimes, people call vintage Native American turquoise jewelry old pawn or dead pawn jewelry because it may have belonged to someone who used it as collateral for a loan. A vintage turquoise ring and other jewelry often display bright blue colors and spiderweb patterns that would be difficult to find on newer pieces with natural stones. You can use convenient shipping found on eBay and reliable sellers to help you find the best vintage turquoise jewelry for you.