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About Vintage Trucker Hat

Unforgettable sayings and awkward designs make vintage trucker hats the dream fashion accessory of a hipster. These hats, commonly worn by truckers as the traversed the nation with large loads, have evolved to become a staple in pop culture. Many of them boast brand names from the 1960s and 1970s, such as John Deere, Camel, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. A vintage mesh trucker hat features mesh fabric covering the sides and the back of the head. It offers a chance for a cool breeze to hit your head on hot summer days. Many of these hats also feature a fashionable rope across the brim to add a fashion accent. A vast inventory on eBay helps you find the colors, sayings, and designs that work best for your lifestyle. Choose a bright red hat with a logo featuring a bikini-clad woman to display your love for the exotic. Represent your country by opting for a vintage trucker hat that boasts a logo from your favorite state. Either way, it gives you a unique accessory that you can use to display your personality.