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About Vintage Tank Top

Take a trip back to yesteryear and enjoy all of the pop culture that defined your childhood with a vintage tank top. Keep cool each summer with traditional tank styles, but show your personality, as well as your age, with tanks that feature logos and scenes from your favorite 1970s and 1980s flicks like "Star Wars" and "Jaws." Made for both men and women, vintage tanks do not only reveal pop culture icons, but offer a throwback look that was inspired by various decades. A vintage mesh tank top from the 1980s reminds you of those long-haired rock stars who bared their chest, leaving just enough to the imagination. Women get in on the mesh act by layering a tank over a tee. Girl-band-style tanks from the large inventory on eBay feature bold and bright colors with a bit of a feminine fringe at the bottom. Enjoy that vintage style without the vintage graphics with vintage Nike tank tops and tanks featuring the Starbucks logo, offering timeless looks that still hold a vintage quality a decade down the line. Stay cool and stay stylish when you choose a vintage tank top.