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About Vintage Socks

Socks have been around for centuries, and the oldest pair dates back to 300-500 AD in Egypt. Ancient forms of socks featured animal skins that were gathered with string around the ankle, whereas vintage socks that you can find on eBay today are made of typical materials like cotton, nylon, and wool. It?s amazing how far socks have come over the years. Vintage women?s socks are more darling than anything. The sheer booties topped with frilly lace lend themselves to the Lolita style popular among Asian cultures. Alternatively, men who go hunting cannot beat a good pair of wool socks. These thick socks are sure to keep your toes nice and warm, even in the coldest of climates. They come in several different lengths; knee length and mid-calf depending on your needs. No matter what kind of sock you?re looking for, you can?t go wrong with a pair of vintage socks still in the package. They certainly don?t make socks like they used to. They just seem to last forever.