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About Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

As the maker of the world's first electronic sewing machine, and the first zigzag machine, Singer is known world-wide and its machines have become a household name for sewing and embroidery work. If you are a collector or want this antique appliance to keep in your home, you will find a vast inventory of vintage Singer sewing machines on eBay to choose from. Vintage Singer sewing machine cabinets only add to the allure of these old-fashioned apparatuses. Wood cabinets in oak or maple finishes with the iconic black Singers fitted inside have an undeniable character reminiscent of age-old tailoring. You can also find vintage Singer sewing machine pedals to complete the set. Compared to modern machines with streamlined white cases and various settings and buttons, the old Singer machines have an arched mouth and sleek black metal bodies that readily distinguishes them. Vintage Singer sewing machines are favorite collectors' items not just for their looks, but also for their mass availability when they were first produced. These were so successfully marketed that in 1890 Singer was selling 80 percent of the world's sewing machines.