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About Vintage Scarf

When the credits roll after you finish watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the 20th time, you close your tired eyes for a moment and then step back into the real world, where you have a job that exhausts you, a car that is making that weird clunking sound, and children who take up all of your free time without ever saying thank you. Just once, you would like to don those dark tinted Wayfarers, slip that elegant vintage scarf over your hair, and step into that bright red convertible for a weekend trip to the country that makes you feel like you are in a bygone age. Reliable sellers on eBay share your fantasy of a world that moves just a little slower, is filled with picnics at pretty parks, and comes with a vintage Hermes scarf that makes you feel like Humphrey Bogart will sweep you off of your feet at any moment. Pick out a gorgeous vintage silk scarf to replace that floppy hat that you have been wearing, and head out on the manicured golf course, because you deserve a weekend off. A vintage scarf might not be a brand new red convertible, but it definitely helps you feel a little closer to those good old days.