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About Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

There was a little girl that dazzled over her mother's collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry. Most of it was old costume jewelry that her grandmother had passed down, but to the girl, it was a treasure trove. When her mom was out in the garden, she would sneak into the jewelry box and try on her favorite pieces: a vintage rhinestone brooch shaped like a butterfly with a chain of faux pearls and a sparkly pendant. When the girl graduated high school, her mom gave her the butterfly brooch and she often wore it pinned to her cardigans and jackets all through college. Many women young and old treasure vintage rhinestone jewelry. The classic styles offer a bit of sparkle to casual and dressy outfits, and each piece is wonderfully unique. eBay boasts a large inventory of pieces to add to your growing collection. You can even purchase a vintage rhinestone jewelry lot for a variety of spectacular items.