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About Vintage Purse

Where did you get that extraordinary purse? Any devotee of vintage purses longs to hear that expression of admiration combined with a little envy. These chic accessories include painstakingly created Victorian-era examples, Jazz Age celebrations of Art Deco style, and bold designs straight out of "Mad Men." Films like "The Great Gatsby" highlighted these small works of art, made with steel mesh, hand-tooled leather, or jewel-encrusted accents. Some ladies carried tiny compact dance purses with wrist straps. These purses often consisted of finely detailed metals, enameled accents, and thin powder well and rouge pots to freshen up. These petite handbags did not accommodate modern essentials, such as credit cards and cell phones, and many did not have a shoulder strap. Look for vintage beaded purses with hand-stitched silk linings. Later examples from the 1930s through the 1960s reflect the fashion of the time, including vintage metal purses that resembled lovely lunch boxes. Metal mesh purses glitter as they flex and feature matching or contrasting clasps and buckles. eBay's many reliable sellers offer a vast selection of vintage purses in mint or gently used condition.