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About Vintage Porcelain Sign

The garage is finally cleaned out and ready to be made into the ultimate man cave. You have the pool table, television, and couch all ready to go — now all you need are a few vintage porcelain signs to liven up the place. Imagine an old vintage porcelain oil sign hanging from the wall depicting the old 76 or Shell gas station symbol that you and your friends know and love. Get really wild with a vintage porcelain neon sign that lights up to provide a hangout ambience for the man cave. Choose from among the large inventory available on eBay, such as an exit sign to put near the door, an arrow sign that may point to the bathroom, and a baseball sign that reminds all of your guests who your favorite teams are. Of course, since your man cave is in the garage, the space would not be complete without a Good Year Tires vintage porcelain sign hanging on the wall. Porcelain signs offer lots of flexibility when it comes to designing a dream man cave.