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About Vintage Polly Pocket

Girls who grew up in the 1990s likely had a few, if not many, Polly Pockets. While Mattel still makes a different, slightly larger version, these tiny vintage Polly Pockets made between 1989 and the late 1990s are making a comeback with nostalgia collectors, and a wide selection is available on eBay. The original Polly, tiny enough to fit in a plastic compact case, came in dozens of versions, each with even tinier clothes and enough options in play sets, castles, mansions, or houses to fill hours of imaginative play. Vintage Polly Pockets include an "I Dream of Jeannie" Polly in a bottle; a Rabbit Wonderland cottage or other sets with pets; a 1995 set in a plastic book instead of a compact; and Disney movie tie-ins that bring back memories of "Aladdin," "Pocahontas," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Peter Pan." There even is a tiny Cinderella Castle, and of course, a Mickey and Minnie Mouse set. For 1990s' girls, Polly collectibles are childhood memories, wrapped up in tiny plastic packages.