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About Vintage Picture Frames

Nothing brings back fond memories like vintage picture frames. Remember the good old times with charming old-fashioned metal, brass, and wood frames, which come in different shapes and sizes. Small, vintage picture frames shaped like circles, squares, and hearts make great additions to work desks, coffee tables, and mantles. Display your favorite photographs of people and places from years past or highlight modern photos with simple antique frames. The large selection on eBay offers a wide range of vintage picture frames, dating all the way back to the Victorian days. Victorian vintage wood picture frames, reminiscent of the extravagant and ornate architectural designs of the day, feature intricate designs etched in dark wood with a protective layer of thick, clear glass. Vintage jeweled picture frames, however, really stop the show. Some of these romantic frames show single photographs, while others display two small pictures side-by-side. They feature dazzling borders of gems and stones like turquoise, pearls, and rhinestones, each as unique as the photos they display.