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About Vintage Moschino

When Franco Moschino began working in the fashion industry in the early 1980s, his mission to criticize the industry and promote social awareness may have been eccentric, but it was also defining. Since his untimely death in 1994 at just 44 years old, vintage Moschino designs supervised by the man himself have become an industry in their own right. Called eccentric, innovative, and colorful in the age of neon everything, vintage Moschino handbags, belts, and other items bear the markings of the time while also satirizing it. Moschino made a name for himself by taking the popular looks of the couture world and reimagining them with different materials or designs that conformed to his philosophy to not take fashion or style too seriously. "Good taste doesn't exist," is the way that vintage Moschino designs attack the fashion world and why they are as much pieces of clothing as they are pieces of art. Whether you want to channel the eccentricity of Moschino himself or simply find the look of his first designed valuable collector's items, shopping the large inventory on eBay for vintage Moschino jeans, shirts, and more is easy.