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About Vintage Glass Door Knobs

If your pristine home looks brand spanking new, then balance that out with a little old world charm by installing vintage glass door knobs. Even people who already live in historic homes that are oozing with personality and charm can use these sparkling knobs to complete the picture. A set of knobs with a brass shank go well with any decor, and vintage clear glass door knobs are the perfect fit no matter what color scheme you are working with. Some shanks contain a combination of brass, copper, and lead, giving them a distinct hue. As for the knobs themselves, try depression-era green or vintage purple glass door knobs in the classic sunburst pattern to add some extra sparkle. If you prefer a more reserved look, then round wooden knobs, instead of glass, may be just the thing. New or used, one knob or a dozen, sellers on eBay are a great resource for secondhand vintage glass door knobs that add just the right element of antiquity to your home, no matter when it was built.

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