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About Vintage Frames

Your eyes fill with tears as you look over the pictures that represent your family history. You have a space picked out for some of the best images and realize you need at least one nice vintage frame for your great-grandparents' wedding photo. You do not have to stop there, though. A visit to any one of the many reliable sellers of antiques and art on eBay will provide you with the vintage picture frames you need to put all the members of your family on display. While you are shopping for just the right vintage frame for each photo, consider giving the rest of your walls a makeover too. As you give your house a new look and finally decorate those bare walls, grab some Art Deco mirrors or some vintage framed art from artists such as Melville Wire, Charles Barker, Hubert Robert, and others. Find smaller frames and images for those empty curio shelves too. Before you know it, your entire family will surround you and your history will be there, bringing a smile to your face.