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About Vintage Fender Jazz Bass

The vintage Fender Jazz Bass, an icon designed by pioneer Leo Fender and played by a slew of trail blazing musicians, can take a prideful place as the latest addition to your bass collection. A vintage Fender Jazz Bass is a prize sought after by many collectors and musicians alike. The sound is second to none, with two single coil pick-ups that give the instrument its trademark snarl. The thin neck and iconic cut away body also make those jazz voyages easy on the hands. There is plenty of enjoyment to be found off the stage too, especially if you enjoy restoring old instruments. The vintage Fender Jazz Bass is a labor of love for many, and can deliver hours of satisfaction as you tweak away. Even if you have the bare bones of the instrument, the large inventory on eBay is perfect for finding replacement parts. The original vintage body can be found in ash or alder, as well as a number of colors from the classic sunburst and black to Olympic white and natural tones. Fitting an original Maple neck is also a must. Whether you are playing or modifying, owning this classic instrument is always a good choice.