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About Vintage Enamel

A splash of color on your lapel can bring envious looks to your friends' faces. Lovely vintage enamel brooches and pins make the ideal accessories to add a touch of class and old world charm to your ensemble. A beautiful vintage enamel flower brooch in a vivid red, bright yellow, or brilliant blue adds a wonderful finishing touch to any outfit. Some brooches feature pastel pink, light blue, or creamy off white. From professional work attire to evening wear, any style of clothing works with these pins. Many of the reliable sellers on eBay offer vintage flower jewelry. Some pins and brooches feature rhinestones and gold or silver tones. Brooches often have designs featuring a single flower such as a daisy or groups of smaller, delicate flowers. You can find vintage enamel jewelry in gently used or like new condition, and your pins and other jewelry choices arrive safely at your door.