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About Vintage Cat's Eye Glasses

You slowly slide your glasses down your nose, peering at the cocktail menu that lies in front of you. When you are wearing vintage cat's eye glasses, you can add a sense of 1950s glamour to any outfit. Featuring frames that sweep upwards at the side like cats' eyes, these glasses are synonymous with 1950s and 1960s fashion. Just like Frenchy from "Grease," you can add a little sparkle to your usual attire by choosing a pair embellished with gems. If you need corrective lenses, but would like to adopt a retro look, simply take your frames to a professional and have them slip in the right prescription glass. When you simply need glasses to devour your favorite novel, try vintage cat's eye reading glasses. To make sure you hit the right 1950s-style notes, aim for vintage 1950s cat's eye glasses. By wearing originals, you can make any 1950s-themed outfit look authentic. When you shop on eBay for vintage cat's eye glasses, you can peruse a vast inventory of enticing items. After yours arrive, slide them over your eyes, and feel just like your favorite 1950s starlets.

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