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About Vintage Buttons

Friends and strangers always comment on your unique style. One of your go-to style tricks is replacing the buttons on a jacket, blouse, or dress with distinctive vintage buttons transforming your off-the-rack clothes into one-of-a-kind. Buttons are available in a huge variety of materials, including metal, leather, glass, shell, and ceramic. Pre-1918 examples are considered antique buttons, and post-1918 buttons are considered vintage and modern. Military buttons are desirable for heavy-duty attire, as are notions emblazoned with school crests. For admirers of vintage rhinestone buttons, browse the vast selection offered by eBay's top-rated reliable sellers. These buttons are available in glittering crystal and in colors such as pink, canary, and lilac. The most desirable rhinestones are precisely cut glass, not plastic, and produced in Czechoslovakia, Austria, and France. For a couture touch, look for Chanel buttons. These classic closures feature the iconic double-C logo, as well as the fashion house's crown marks. These buttons come in several colors, including gold, silver, and black. Collectible vintage buttons are also suitable for display, such as in shadow boxes and wall hangings.