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About Vintage Bottles

Claudia has collected vintage bottles since she was a teenager. Something about the interesting shapes and colors just attracted her. She began filling the shelf above her desk with them and has since always found somewhere to display them everywhere she has lived. She has collected blue, green, amber, and even red and pink glass, along with the typical clear vintage bottles. One of her favorites is a bottle she picked up in Japan during an after-college trip with friends. It is a vintage soda bottle with a tiny glass ball that served as a stopper for the soda until it was released down into the bottle. Fascinating! Another favorite bottle always finds a place near the front of the collection because it belonged to her grandmother. It is a pink crystal-cut glass vintage perfume bottle with a round bowl and antique silver top attached to a pink atomizer. Charming. While some of Claudia's bottles have come from her travels, many of her bottles have come from touring eBay's vast marketplace of collectibles. Unique medicine bottles and antique milk bottle are available and Claudia has added many of them to her collection of vintage bottles, including an amber brown Clorox bottle. You learn a lot of people's way of life before plastic when you study vintage glass.