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About Victrola Phonographs

You can still remember weekends at your grandparent's house as they played records for you on their old phonograph and the distinct sound of the machine brings you back. It is becoming more difficult to track down Victrola phonographs these days, but a vast inventory on eBay allows you the opportunity to own a special piece of music history. With many players still in working condition, you can enjoy old records that play in a similar fashion to CDs and DVDs, but with the sounds and music actually scratched into the grooves. Antique Victrola phonographs play music from the records by using a needle to generate vibrations from the grooves in the records that translates to audible sound. RCA Victrola Phonographs became one of the top names of the time, with a phonograph machine that looked as great as it sounded. With the appearance of a fine piece of furniture, Victrola phonographs kept their turntable and amplifying horn hidden inside a gorgeous cabinet. Owning one of these rare, unique items would be a real privilege for any collector and there are several different beautiful models available.