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About Victrola

You heard your grandparents talking about listening to the Victrola when they grew up. They grew up having to crank up the phonograph so that they could play their records on it. Victrolas were hand-powered until the 1920s, when electricity and speaker advancements made more possible. Many hand crank versions were still made at a more affordable rate even after the electric ones hit the market. The Victrola horn was eventually moved inside the case of the music player to give it a more streamlined look. Your grandparents may still have their Victrola, or may have passed it down to you. Victrola parts need to be replaced over the years, and having a great source to find them can make a big difference. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a selection of parts that can help you keep your music player up and running for years to come. Shop for what you need right from the comfort of your home, and show your kids how music used to sound and be played.