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About Victorian Lockets

Ornate jewelry from a stylish era that occurred more than a century ago holds a special place in the hearts of many collectors. A Victorian locket traditionally contained a tiny photo or a lock of hair to symbolize the love and devotion of the woman wearing the locket. In some cases, the lockets were simple in design, but most featured love knots, birds, and other symbolic romantic designs. Vintage Victorian lockets are authentic relics from a time when people carried photographs and other small items on their bodies to commemorate a deceased loved one or feel close to a romantic partner. People carry on this tradition today with real family heirlooms passed down for generations or with beautifully designed replicas that simply mimic the artistry of the originals. eBay offers a variety of new and vintage locket styles, including enchanting Victorian heart lockets. Reliable sellers and convenient shipping options make it easy for you to find a Victorian locket to give as a gift or keep as your own.