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About Victorian Frames

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right picture frame can easily double that. Whether you want to highlight an old photo of your grandmother or grandfather as a child, or keep the theme of an old-fashioned interior d?cor, a Victorian frame can add character and dimension to a wall, fireplace mantel, or windowsill. This frame style dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, when members of royal families used special frames made of oak, pine, and other exotic and expensive woods to display their wealth. Today, you can keep tradition alive with a Victorian wood frame. With a small oval, square, or rectangular frame, you can showcase a tiny photograph on a shelf, or use a large frame to hang a beautiful old painting on a living room wall. If you want to add a somber, elegant look to a dark, private room, mounting a black Victorian frame on the wall will do just that. Whatever style of Victorian frame you prefer, you can search for the one you need on eBay, which displays a large variety of new and used frames.