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About Victorian Dollhouses

Emphasizing intricacy, perfection, and beauty in all its expressions, the Victorian era gave the world luxurious fashions, lavishly descriptive books, and stunning architecture. A Victorian dollhouse lends an air of fanciful beauty to any child's nursery. Typically, the dollhouse has gables, peaked roofs, and decorative elements around the windows and under the eaves. Inside, multiple rooms provide spaces for doll owners to set up a kitchen, a parlor or living area, a bedroom, a nursery, and possibly another room or two. As a fun family project, buy a Victorian dollhouse kit and put it together with your daughter or some other friend or relative. Furnish the house with tiny pieces of Victorian dollhouse furniture that you find on eBay from reliable sellers. To save money, opt for pre-owned, lightly used furniture and finishings for the house, and supplement those additions with your own creative touches. Working with your daughter or another young doll enthusiast in your life, create the perfect miniature Victorian mansion for display or for play.