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About Victorian Boots

Women's Victorian boots are all about being sexy. The shape of the shoe goes over the ankle to the calf, creating a silhouette of a slim ankle leading down to a narrow foot and pointed toe. Some are knee-high but the overall effect is to show a slim leg. They feature a little bit of heel to help create a sway when the wearer walks. The boots usually lace closed, offering a similar overall look to the lace-up corsets that were also so popular in Victorian clothing. Modern styles come in black or white leather but vintage or antique Victorian boots on eBay come in black or brown. The truly old-fashioned style features buttons over lacing and some may have a two-tone appearance. Modern Victorian button boots use the buttons as enclosures and fashion statements. Available in new and pre-owned condition, this type of footwear comes in several colors with the buttons often used as counterpoint colors. In all types of Victorian boots, the taller ones work well with dresses and skirts, while the over-the-ankle variety is great for casual dress. Either way, they made these boots for strutting. Consider getting a pair to get your sexy on.

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