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About Victor Traps

From the first colonists to the brave pioneers traversing the Oregon Trail, Americans throughout history have prided themselves on their healthy sense of self-reliance and their ability to cultivate the survival skills necessary to live off the land and defend themselves from the harsher elements of the untamed wilderness. Victor traps help keep this legacy alive by manufacturing a wide variety of traps designed to deter pests. Ranging from the mousetraps you might find in your kitchen all the way up to Victor leg hold traps capable of incapacitating a coyote, Victor traps offer the perfect solution to your needs. Even if your outdoorsy spirit is more an aesthetic sensibility than a way of life, a vintage Victor trap can bring a touch of authentic log cabin sentiment to your decor. With new, used, and refurbished Victor traps popping up on eBay every day, you can always be sure to catch a deal.