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About Vestments

Devout Christians have deep respect not only for a priest but also for his vestment. When the clergy celebrate mass, they wear special outfits to symbolize their denomination as well as the religious occasion. They don a cassock along with a brocade stole or a clerical shirt with collar. Priest vestments are usually adorned with sacred motifs. You can find many vestment applique designs on eBay, including the Virgin Mary carrying the infant baby Jesus. The crucifix is another popular applique theme for these garments, as are flowers. These may be hand embroidered or machine embroidered with rich threads in gold, red, purple and other royal colors that stand out against the white cloth. It is possible to purchase a new or used vestment for Catholic and Orthodox clergy and even antique textiles for decorating the altar. If you find rare, beautiful garments, especially vintage ones with a rich history of sacred use, you can donate them to your local church.